TDQ Investigates: What Happened To The Story-Telling Peddler At The Beginning Of “Aladdin?”

Agrabah City

Flyers have been put up around Agrabah city. The Daily Quarterly vows to get to the bottom of this mystery. Or, at least, scratch the surface very deeply.

Of the several, nay, dozens of glaring plot issues we have with the Disney “classic” “Aladdin,” the one that we still lose sleep over to this very day is the unanswered question we have about the peddler who introduces the story at the beginning of the flick. They never revisit him at the end! He starts the story, but disappears by the time the credits roll. What the heck happened to him?

He was a rather important character, wasn’t he? At least at the beginning of the movie anyway. He started the whole film! That’s not an important enough gig to warrant a re-visit at the end of the movie? If it was a time issue, and Disney was all of a sudden worried about running long, they surely could have cut one of the dozens of grown-up Hollywood star impressions that Robin Williams did the entire movie that completely sailed over the heads of anybody under 12 in the theater.

It’s not like they had only filmed footage of the peddler for the beginning of the movie, and then some horrible accident befell him and they had nothing left for the end of the movie. It’s not like there was some horrible contract dispute and he left mid-way through production, like Eddie Murphy in “The PJs.” (That was a good show. Not enough claymation on television anymore. Do we need to blame or thank the California Raisins for that?)

But back to this horrible oversight by the folks at Disney. That would never happen in a Pixar movie, you can count on that! Maybe that’s why Disney pretty much leaves the story-telling to Pixar now and just slaps their Disney brand on it at the end of production. That’s a winning combination, apparently.

Nor would it have happened if Walt had been alive. We’re certain that he’s spinning in his freezer over this horrible lapse in story-telling. Assuming he can move freely in that icebox.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise.

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