TDQ Investigates: A-Rod Finally Paying People To Lie For Him, Rather Than Doing It Himself

Four of a KindNew York—It’s about time, Alex Rodriguez. You’ve been able to afford this for years, but for some reason, in the past you had taken it upon yourself to lie to reporters about using steroids and lie to your wife about cheating on her. Now you’ve finally hired somebody to lie on your behalf about your poker playing, though they admitted later (how many stories about you have the phrase “admitted later?”) that you did play, but the stories coming out about you playing contained “factual inaccuracies.”

Poker playing doesn’t have anywhere near the stigma that using steroids does, but A-Rod’s “people” still at first insisted he wasn’t at the poker games that it turns out he was actually at. And reports now indicate that A-Rod is unlikely to face any consequences from Major League Baseball for his involvement in the poker games. But still, telling the truth was not the first move his people made.

Maybe it just all depends on who’s asking Rodriguez the questions. He famously lied to “60 Minutes” and the incomparable Katie Couric about using steroids, as well as Selena Roberts of Sports Illustrated, but found the strength within himself to come clean about using steroids to Peter Gammons, then with ESPN.

Maybe he just misunderstood Katie and Selena, and could understand Peter better when he asked the question. Don’t know.

And maybe it’s the same way with the publicist(s) that work for Rodriguez now. Maybe there was too much background noise initially when they were asked about A-Rod playing poker for high stakes.

We know it’s tough playing for the most famous sports team in the world in the media capital of the world. We get that. (Though that same excuse couldn’t be used when you played in Dallas and took steroids, but that’s beside the point.) And it has to be especially tough playing alongside Derek Jeter, who rarely has an article written about him that uses the phrase “admitted later.” For the most part, people want to like you.

However, much of this nonsense you  bring on yourself. If no laws were broken playing poker, an activity routinely broadcast on your favorite channel, then why lie about it? Or, why feel the need to lie about it? Granted, if cocaine was indeed being done out in the open during the game, that’s not good, but hey, you weren’t doing it, right? Right? Right. Nothing in the article pointed to you doing the coke.

Credibility is a funny thing, Alex. You never think much about it until it’s gone. Just ask Pete Rose and Tiger Woods.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise.


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