Diploma Mill Operator Denies Operating Diploma Mill; Says “Accreditation Is Just A Word”

Moore Educational Tech

Moore Educational Tech maintains it is not a "Diploma Mill."

Karlsfield, VT—Moore Educational Tech (MET), founded by Thomas Moore (no, not that Thomas Moore), is currently under investigation by several local and state agencies and is being called a “diploma mill,” where anyone with a computer and enough money can get a degree of higher education without actually attending classes or completing the rigorous coursework required at other educational institutions.

Dr. Moore (he got his Ph.D. from Hamilton University, now called Richardson University in the Bahamas) insisted his is a legitimate operation, not a racket, and said that what his school doesn’t offer in courses, “life offers everyday. And we acknowledge that there are plenty of people who’ve experienced enough to earn the same amount of knowledge as those with an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.”

We tracked down a former student from Moore Educational Tech, Dr. Robert Wallace, Ph.D. He got his degree in Botany after “attending” classes at MET for seven weeks. It cost him his entire savings, $789.00 to get his degree.

Wallace said he’s already seeing the benefits of his new Ph.D. “On Wednesday afternoon after I got my diploma on my lunch break, and I showed my co-workers my new Ph.D.,” he said, “the level of respect I felt was incalculable. It was really high. I was so expressed (sic) by their incalculable level of respect. I couldn’t believe it.” Wallace said his boss at the car wash immediately gave him a raise of 15 cents per hour.

Moore points to anecdotes like that as proof that his school is improving lives and careers. “See? See how we are improving lives and careers with our program? Mr. Wallace hadn’t gotten a raise in nearly a year before he got his Ph.D. here. Obviously his boss understood the importance and value of a Ph.D., and how impressive it was to have a Ph.D. work at their car wash.”

Moore said he is going through the steps in getting accredited, but “these things take time. Not everyone can wait until the Ph.D. they need can come from a fully accredited school. And really, accreditation is just a word, isn’t it?”

Moore said even if his institution isn’t granted full accreditation, he doubts that would lower the value of degrees from MET. “We still fulfill an educational need,” Moore said. “There will still be plenty of individuals who want a degree from our hallowed institution, accredited or not. You’ll see. Oh, and, Brian, you forgot to sign your check.”

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