Roger Ebert Tweets His Disapproval Of Marriage Between Actor And Would-Be Country Singer


Only one of these celebs has publicly admitted to having plastic surgery performed. Surprisingly it's cancer survivor Ebert whose treatment required the partial removal of his jaw bone. Hutchison's face is more taught now than it was years earlier. Stodden appears to have been 16 at least once before and may have parts as young as 16.

Chicago—World famous movie critic Roger Ebert has once again taken to Twitter to communicate his opinion on the behavior and actions of other Hollywood celebrities, this time tweeting his thoughts on 51 year-old actor Doug Hutchison and his marriage to 16 year-old aspiring country music singer Courtney Stodden.

On Monday, Ebert tweeted about the marriage saying, “Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to marry D-list actors at 16.”

About Hutchison specifically, Ebert said, “It’s clear he’s LOST right now. I don’t feel I need to walk a GREEN MILE in his shoes to speak on this matter.”

And in keeping with the theme of using names of films and TV shows Hutchison’s appeared in, Ebert tweeted shortly afterward, “This is certainly NO GOOD DEED on his part. Even if she were 24, I’d feel compelled 2 offer my opinion, even if I suffer many DAYS OF WRATH.”

Ebert has long been a detractor of both Doug Hutchison and country music. His 1999 review of “The Green Mile” was overly glowing, except for Hutchison’s portrayal of prison guard Percy Wetmore. Even though Hutchison received mostly positive reviews for his performance, Ebert famously said at the time, “He is absolutely dreadful in this role. This tells me he’s a dreadful person as well. It would not surprise me if one day we read about him marrying some teenage harlot who’s hoping to launch a singing career, and I’m forced to rant about it using some not-yet-invented social media site.”

Hutchison has not commented on the tweets by Ebert. Hutchison’s and Stodden’s representative issued a statement saying that the couple is on a honeymoon tour of California shopping malls and they are planning to attend a Justin Bieber concert as soon as Stodden has saved up enough allowance. The bonus there is that she can finally drive herself to the concert.

It does not appear Hutchison has a Twitter account of his own.

Editor’s note: Thanks to Wikipedia and IMDB for confirming that “No Good Deed” and “Days of Wrath” were actual films and not just Roger Ebert capitalizing words in his tweets for no good reason. No one at TDQ or anyone we’ve ever had a conversation with in our lives had heard of those movies. Good for Roger Ebert for educating us as well as Tweeting.

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