7 thoughts on “Rihanna

  1. I am 18 (just 3 years older than you!) and I have to say that I don’t know much but Im sure it’s your faith that will save you and keep you protected. Just bevleie in whatever good you bevleie in now and you’ll be okay. As for Illuminati, they don’t phase me, I know what I bevleie in and they can’t shatter that. So in the end, I’m either going down fighting or not going down at all.

  2. Rihana is like a sister to me whenever i listen to her music it got me illuminated but i know i am gonna face it,any time i from now rihana i love you and i love your music industry.

    • Ah, so the Illuminati photoshopped out the tattoo in the linked photo to quell the interest in their secret society brought about by this story. Thank you for your input.

      “You are now informed. Go and do likewise.”

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