Phineas Downey, Now Preaching Acceptance, Tolerance & Anti-Hypocrisy, Ousts Foe Who Holds Different Point Of View



Detroit—Phineas Downey is in the news again, this time for his attempts to oust Audrey Hogan, current president of the Anti-Hypocrisy Association of America (AHAA). Downey said that he’s only responding to calls he received from the group, and that if Hogan had kept promises she made before taking over, her position would not be in jeopardy.

“AHAA has said, time and time again, that we are inclusive of people from all walks of life and backgrounds and don’t judge others,” said Downey, who only became a member of the organization last week. “But it’s clear that Ms. Hogan does not share AHAA’s vision any longer, and therefore, she needs to go.”

Downey said that the group called him once it became clear Hogan’s agenda didn’t see eye to eye with AHAA’s mission statement calling for acceptance and tolerance of people with different ideas. “Our mission is to stomp out and eliminate hypocrisy, and Ms. Hogan clearly does not believe in that mission as much as she once did,” Downey said.

Downey, who made headlines earlier this year for his work with the “Deeder” movement and his proposal to eliminate internet language, was brought in to help right the ship and continue the fight against hypocrisy, and his national name and reputation for rooting out injustice and intolerance only helps further the cause of the organization, the AHAA website said. The site also said they “fully endorse open, fully-complete discussions and debates to further foster diversity and openness.”

The specific changes Hogan has discussed and looked into implementing have not been made public.

“I take no pleasure in taking Ms. Hogan’s job,” Downey said, smiling broadly as he carried his box of personal mementos into her old office. “I love everybody, I embrace diversity and different ideas and welcome other points of view. And once Ms. Hogan does the same, I will welcome her back in some capacity.”

Downey said that the group has informed Hogan that because they are so “tolerant and accepting of other people’s ideology, then as soon as she comes to her senses and straightens herself up, she will be welcomed back into the organization, and a low level position could probably be found for her, with a considerable cut in pay and benefits.”

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