Source: “The Donald” Just Wants To Be Loved, Is That So Wrong?


A rare candid shot inside Trump's office as he prepares for the day ahead.

New York—A source close to billionaire TV star and real estate mogul Donald Trump is speaking out about his possible presidential run and his recent controversial remarks, and insists that Trump “is just looking for the love and acceptance he never felt as a billionaire real estate developer or sports franchise owner.”

The source, who asked us not to reveal that he used to be an upper-level advisor in Trump’s Trump Organization until he “amicably resigned” February 11th of this year said that if most of the nation “knew him, really knew him, they’d say, ‘what’s so bad about this guy? He’s just a squirrel trying to get a nut like the rest of us.'”  

Indeed, the source says that Trump never felt the love from his father, Fred, that he felt was shown to his brother, Fred, Jr. “Donald for years was just trying to please his father and get the same ‘atta boys’ that Fred Jr. always seemed to get. That’s why he bought the New Jersey Generals in the USFL, because he hoped he could share a hot dog and a beer with his old man, like other young men did. The only difference being that they’d share theirs in a luxury box and put caviar on the dog instead of mustard.”

Fred Trump died in 1999.

“I can remember dozens of nights Donald would call me in tears because of some article or something somebody said negative about him or his hair,” the source said. “I’d just tell him, ‘Who’s a big winner? Donny! Donny’s a big winner!’ And after a while he’d calm down. He just never knew how to get people to like him or leave him alone about that damn hair. And he’d never admit publicly that what they said hurt him.”

The source said that Trump is just enjoying the recent attention, and he really doesn’t care one way or the other if President Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya. And he isn’t really planning on running for office. “That’s just Donald being Donald,” he said. He said he’s pretty sure Trump does think the president was born in the U.S.

“I’m just glad Donald never aligned himself with those “Deeder” bozos,” the source said. “Thank goodness for that.”

The source concluded that he thinks Trump will do “three, maybe four more” seasons of his hit NBC show “The Apprentice,” but said Trump will likely steer clear of anymore seasons of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Talk about egos,” the source said. “He’d love to tell every damn person in those ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ shows they’re fired. He’s called each and every one of those people a narcissist.”

Now that’s saying something.

Shawn Paul O’Dick, Esq. contributed to this article

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