Katie Couric Taking Her Talents To…?

Katie Couric

Couric with Palin on the set of a yet-to-be named television pilot.

It appears that Katie Couric has quite a few options to choose from if she doesn’t decide to renew her contract at CBS News when it expires June 4. But an anonymous source close to the situation has reported that Couric is very interested in doing a television show, and is spending quite a bit of time brainstorming to come up with the perfect pitch to take to the networks.

“She has some terrific ideas,” the source said. “She really thinks that network television is just ripe for some new, original ideas, and she has those in spades.”

Some ideas that the source said Couric is “work-shopping” include her being a television news producer at a TV station in Minneapolis, her starring as a woman married to a Cuban band leader in New York, and her as a coffee-loving FBI agent sent to investigate the murder of a beautiful high school student in a quirky Pacific Northwest town.

“There is a tremendous amount of buzz surrounding the possibility of  her starring in an ‘Odd Couple’-type comedy/drama show with her long-time ‘frenemy’ Sarah Palin,” the source said. “Katie’s looking at a premise where a judge would sentence Palin to be Katie’s butler after she’s rear-ended in a car accident by Palin, and Palin has no insurance. I don’t know where Katie comes up with these ideas, but they are absolute gold!”

Couric is also considering appearing on reality shows like “Ice Road Trucker” or “Hell’s Kitchen” in an “effort to branch out creatively.”

“Plus I hear they’re going to bring back one of Katie’s all-time favorite shows, too,” the source said. “And she would be pitch perfect for a role in the new ‘Cop Rock.’ Get it? Pitch perfect?”

The source said she’s certain that whatever she chooses, Couric “will do absolutely terrific. Just look at how well she’s done as host of the news on CBS. She is in third place now! Third! That’s pretty dang good if you ask me!”


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