Former City Manager Doctors Medical, Pilot’s Licenses

City Manager Certification Grab

What do medical, aviation, and cosmetology certifications have in common? Only former Karlsfield city manager Mark Miles knows for sure.

Karlsfield, VT—City Manager Mark Miles resigned from his position on Friday, but not before doing his level best to make sure he will land on his feet. By 5:00 Friday afternoon, he was the proud holder of a pilot’s license, a medical license and a certificate to perform manicures and pedicures. Impressive to be sure, but there’s just one problem:

Miles never took any of the required courses to earn any of those licenses.

Through a vaguely-worded, little-known loophole in Karlsfield’s town charter, Miles, as city manager, is legally authorized to grant the licenses he now possesses to whomever he deems appropriate to hold them. And fortunately for him, he thought he was an appropriate recipient.

And the licenses are all legal in the State of Vermont.

“I really don’t see a problem,” Miles said Saturday from his Canadian estate, “Corrompu,” just over the border outside Mansonville, Quebec. “I was City Manager, I had the authority. I was an air traffic controller for three years, I know all about flying planes. And as for the medical license, just try to quiz me on any episode of ‘ER’ and I’ll wicked school you. If 16 years of watching that show doesn’t give you a little bit of medical experience, I don’t know what does.”

Miles went on to insist he likely won’t use the licenses to practice medicine or fly, but wanted them just in case. He is planning on forming a consulting company (MKM Consulting) in Karlsfield, “maybe Montpelier, we’ll see,” once he gets back from his hunting trip in Canada.

“Plus I have recently partnered with a, uh, company that sells, uh, refurbished laptops,” Miles said. “We still have about five dozen or so in stock. Once those are gone, I’ll likely rev up the consulting business.”

Miles recently made national news for obtaining billions in federal funds to build a high speed rail in Karlsfield, though the rail only ran about one city block. He left office amid a cloud of controversy over the rail, as much of the populace felt it was a waste of funds.

Newly-installed Karlsfield City Manager Kevin Miles said he’d heard about the issues and concerns about Mark’s actions, but wasn’t too worried about it.

“It is what it is,” Kevin Miles said. “I’m not here to talk about the past. I’m here to talk about a bright future for Karlsfield. You interested in a laptop?”