Sundae, Bloody Sundae: Nebraska Dairy Queen Caught In Blizzard Of Violence

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In a situation that some historians are comparing to the Neapolitan War, a cone of parlor unrest has emerged in the midwest. The violence, attributed by some experts to waffling corporate leadership, has been sprinkled with opportunistic looting and hate crimes. Most agree that there is, at best, a rocky road to stability.

Wahoo, NE–Customers are leaving the over-run Dairy Queen at the corner of Lincoln Ave. and 17th St. in droves, with scores scurrying across the street to Sonic to try and quench their thirst for frosty treats.

Around 60 people have crossed over Lincoln Ave. into Sonic’s parking lot, officials said, trying to flee the violence engulfing the restaurant known for for its smooth, creamy soft serve ice cream and delicious hamburgers and hot dogs.

With similar ice-cream store protests in nearby Omaha and Lincoln over the past two weeks, trouble has now spilled over to the DQ in Wahoo.

“There is absolutely no security there. It’s lawless” said Erick Abbott, an employee who works in the risk management department for the city and who eats at Dairy Queen “at least four times a week.”

He went on to describe scenes of horrible violence and a climate of
tremendous fear with no ice cream control whatsoever. He said people got into their cars to drive across the street, but some left covered in toppings and Blizzards. “Every DQ customer I know is doing their best to make it back,” he said.

Dave McMurray, Shift Manager for Sonic overseeing serving hot food and tasty treats for the fleeing customers, said at First Sonic was only permitting regular customers and other restaurant frequenters who are married to Sonic customers to enter the parking lot.

But he said anyone thirsty would be treated. “Any customer that comes to me, whether he likes Coke or Pepsi, I will treat them,” he said adding that any hungry Dairy Queen customer who came to the Sonic asking for food would be allowed to order and be served.

“We are working on this with Dairy Queen officials,” he said. “In this climate, we know tempers can flare up and people can get hot very quickly. They need to know that if their particular type of frozen treat is unavailable, be it because of a power outage or a power struggle, Sonic is there to satisfy that craving.”

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