New Fringe Group Wants To See Obama’s Title Deed To The White House, Or “At Least His Copy Of The Lease Or Something”

Where is Obama's proof of residence?

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Washington–A new group hailing from the far, far, far right calling themselves “Deeders” is calling for President Obama to provide proof he has a right to live in the White House.

“It’s been two years,” said Lead Deeder Phineas Downey. “I would certainly think that he would have the proper documents to show he belongs in that house and has a right to live there. That’s all we want.”

The Deeders have yet to gain support from any members of Congress or state senators, but took advantage of the Presidents Day holiday to announce their impending lawsuit against the president unless he can provide satisfactory documentation showing he and the First Family are living in the White House legally.

“I ain’t saying he is a squatter,” said Justin Teller, Deeder Head of Security. “And I ain’t saying he’s not a squatter.”

The White House, built between 1792 and 1800, has been the residence of every U.S. President since John Adams. Historian James Rose said he couldn’t remember an instance before now where the president’s possession of a legal document granting him access to the mansion has been asked for by anyone.

“I don’t exactly know what these people are after,” Rose said.

“It’s a simple request. We are merely asking for a title deed to the property, or his copy of a signed lease agreement for the property,” Deeder Leader Downey said. “Short of that, we would ask that he and his family be removed from the property immediately.”

President Obama had no immediate response to a request for comment.

Teller said he’s not all that surprised that Obama has yet to provide the documentation they have called for “since, like, around Thanksgiving (2010).”

“He don’t have it,” Teller said. “That’s why. If he had it, he’d show it. Simple as that. I can show you the deed to my house, I can show you the deed to my rental property in Destin, (Florida). Simple, right?”

“Simple as that,” Downey said.