Wikileaks Releases Texts, E-mails Between Man And His Ex-girlfriend; His Fiancee’s “SUPER Pissed.”

Wik Leaks

Wiki Leaks continues to make a mess.

Sioux City, IA—It appears Wikileaks has struck again. The international non-profit organization known for publishing submissions of private, secret and classified media from anonymous sources has released 42 pages of e-mails and text messages between unemployed welder John Maddux and his ex-girlfriend, Heather Heyward.

Maddux is currently engaged to Josey Lewellen. They’re scheduled (for now, anyway) to tie the knot March 12th. But the e-mails and texts between Maddux and Heyward are all from January and February this year.

“Josey is super pissed at me right now,” said Maddux. “I don’t know who would want to hurt us like that.”

Both women declined to speak to TDQ about this story.

“It’s not like I was cheating on Josey with Heather,” said Maddux. “I mean, we did hook up that one time in January, but that wasn’t even mentioned (in the Wikileaks report). And we were both totally wasted!”

It is unknown how the correspondence made its way to Wikileaks, which ran the information on its website on St. Valentine’s Day.

“Since its inception” said a statement from Wikileaks, “our goal  has been to expose corruption and unethical behaviour (sic) in all forms. Actions like the ones taken by Jason John Maddux have consequences. We will not abide this behaviour (sic), and will continue to shed light on atrocities whenever and wherever we encounter them.”

(The Daily Quarterly, as part of its ethical standards and practices, does not re-print information or articles released by Wikileaks, due to the sensitivity and questionable avenues in which documents may have been obtained. Plus, Julian Assange still has our DVD copies of “Love Actually” and “So I Married an Ax Murderer.” And we totally want them back.)

The wedding is still on, Maddux said. But he’s very concerned if Wikileaks uncovers a short e-mail he sent to his cousin in Iowa City about his fiancee’s sister, then there’s a good chance it will be called off.

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