Poll Finds Most Americans Didn’t Know The National Hockey League Ended 2004-2005 Work Stoppage, Let Alone Have Any Clue About This Recent One

Hockey Lockout

Among the many benefits of a hockey lockout there is more ice available than ever before for figure skating.

New York—A recent poll co-conducted by The Daily Quarterly and USA Today found that most Americans were not aware the National Hockey League had entered its second work stoppage in a decade following a lock out of the players on September 16thafter the players union and the league failed to reach a consensus on a new collective bargaining agreement.

The poll also found that more than half of the sober respondents were unaware that the league’s prior work stoppage, which wiped out the entire 2004-2005 season, had ended, and hockey had since been played for more than six years with no interruptions,

“Yeah, yeah I know they’re on strike, or locked out or whatever. They’ve been on strike since, what, 2002 or something, right?” said New York Knicks fan and waste management advisor Frankie Ryland, 39. “I got friends who handle strikes for the right price. You want I should make a call?”
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“New York Times” Naively Thinking New Editor, Reboot Of Paper’s Backstory Can Boost Sales

The New York Times

The New York Times reboot starts with the selection of a new font. Cards like these will be included with the paper so consumers can pick their favorite.

New York—Former Washington bureau chief for The New York Times and investigative reporter Jill Abramson was named the paper’s new executive editor last Tuesday. She will be succeeding Bill Keller, who is stepping down to become a full-time writer for the paper since he didn’t really enjoy being the editor with all its perks, money and prestige.

In addition, all the other editors and writers are getting a makeover, and Times readers can’t stop talking about it, once they’re made aware of the change.
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