Book-Binding Company Turns Pulp Fiction Trash Covers Into Classy-Looking Reads

Trash to Treasure: Leather Book Covers

Turn your most embarrassing reads into classy leather bound volumes.

Wheeling, WV—If you’ve got a few titles in your reading library you’re not all that proud of, or don’t want certain friends to see when they visit, you might have a new option when it comes to what’s seen on your bookshelf.

Leather-bound Classics, a book-binding company founded in 2009, will take any existing book in your personal library and cover it to make it look like a literary classic, and they’ll even use a classic title, if you’d rather not even display the book’s real name.
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Creepy “Twilight Dad” Playing “Double Standard Card” On “Twilight Moms,” Says His Group Should Get Just As Much Publicity

Twilight Dads

The "Twilight Dads" at this meetup are sporting what seem to be homemade shirts featuring their favorite Twilight characters.

St. Paul, MN—Lucas Joiner, a 43 year-old father of three, said he doesn’t appreciate all the love shown to adult, women super fans of the “Twilight Saga,” and for some reason thinks that his small, skeevy band of losers should get the same positive press.

“It just don’t seem right,” Joiner said, drinking out of plastic fast food restaurant cup with Bella’s visage displayed on it. “They have websites and get interviewed, but we don’t never get talked about. Ever.” Continue reading