“We Literally Take Care Of People From Head To Toe:” A TDQ Q&A With Dr. Todd Gravori

Dr. Todd Gavori

Dr. Gravori is a board-certified spine and neurological surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive spine procedures and pain management at ProMedSPINE.

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with Dr. Todd Gravori, a spinal surgeon in Los Angeles. Dr. Gravori spoke to us about why he got into medicine, his work with celebrities and the cutting edge technology his practice has developed. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Dr. Todd Gravori:  
The Daily Quarterly: In a few short words, what made you want to go into the medical profession?
Todd Gravori: I was fascinated with anatomy and how all the organs of the body work together since I was 5 years old. 
TDQ: What made you choose to focus on spinal medicine?
TG: Spinal problems are very common and severely disabling for people who suffer from them. Treatment of spinal issues, when done for the right reasons and the right way are extremely effective. It is extremely rewarding to return someone’s quality of life to normal in a course of a morning and watch them walk home and pick up their lives where they left them off (before pain).
Dr. Todd Gavori

Dr. Todd Gavori in the operating room ready to laser some spines.

TDQ: Are there other doctors or medical professionals in your family?
TG: Peyman (my brother who also works at ProMedSPINE) and I are the only doctors in all of our extended family and our generation.
TDQ: What is the best advice you have ever gotten?
TG: Focus on the task at hand until it is COMPLETE.
TDQ: What is the worst advice you have ever gotten?
TG: Do what everyone else does and don’t ask questions.
TDQ: Who are your influences?
TG: I try to observe every single person that I come in contact with and learn from their experience, wisdom, point of view, etc. The most influential people for me are the ones that think outside of the box and identify and solve problems that others simply accept as status quo. 
Doctors Peyman and Todd Gavori of ProMedSPINE

Dr. Peyman Gavori, left, and Dr. Todd Gavori, right, and a few of their close personal friends Elton John, Zack Teperman, and Andie MacDowell.

TDQ: Tell us about your practice and areas of specialty at ProMedSPINE
TG: At ProMedSPINE we literally take care of people from head to toe. We perform brain surgery, spine surgery, pain management that affects all parts of the body. Of course we focus on the disease of the spine in the office as they are the most disabling for otherwise healthy individuals and affect many lives.
TDQ: How did you find yourselves starting to work with so many athletes and Hollywood stars at ProMedSPINE?
TG: When you provide the best VIP medical care in the most compassionate way, you find yourselves in the center of the community.  We are blessed and privileged that athletes and many community VIPs trust their most valuable possession (their health) with us. We take that seriously. We take our work and well-being of our patients extremely seriously.
TDQ: How have treatments and pain management changed and improved since you first started your practice?
TG: We have utilized cutting edge technology and techniques, many of which we have pioneered to advance our methods of treatment. Our scars have become extremely small (in most cases smaller than a dime), our needles are very focused and precise  and our patients leave 1-2 hours after 95% of the procedures we do…..they walk home and get back to work very quickly. The advancements we have made are astonishing.  
TDQ: Where do you see ProMedSPINE in the next five years?
TG: We intend to reach as many people as we can and touch as many lives as we possibly can and create a positive influence in our world extending from US to Asia  and Africa, which are in progress as we speak.
Learn more about Dr. Gravori and ProMedSPINE at their website, and follow the practice on Twitter