TDQ Investigates: After 86 Lonely Years, Hugh Hefner Finally Finds True Love

Hefner Wedding

If you look hard enough you can find the perfect wedding cake topper.

For some reason, some jaded, cynical people around the country are giving Playboy founder and smoking jacket poster boy Hugh Hefner grief for finally tying the knot with his fiancée, Crystal Harris, over the New Year’s holiday. They poke fun at the tiny difference in their ages, saying it’s unseemly for a wealthy 86 year-old man to marry a 26 year-old woman.

But to quote another famous man who fell in love with someone a few years younger than he was, “The heart wants what the heart wants.” Poor Woody Allen, getting all that grief 20 years ago for falling in love with his adopted daughter. But the early 90s were a different time. It’s likely that if he had left Mia Farrow today to marry the daughter he and Farrow raised, it would barely be a blip on the TMZ radar.
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