A TDQ Poll: Should We Infiltrate The Illuminati And Try To Beat Them At Their Own Game?

What should The Daily Quarterly do with this e-mail invitation to join The Illuminati?

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At great risk to her personal safety, our Senior Illuminati Expert Michelle Montford has forwarded to us an e-mail that she received from the secret society, “inviting” her to become a member. She has not yet responded to this unique opportunity, but is, understandably, afraid not to respond in some fashion.

The e-mail itself:

From: Illuminati [mailto:info@illuminati.org]
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 8:12 PM

Good day

Do you have financial problem? If yes, your problem has ended. 
Are you interested in being a member of a fraternity that offers
you MONEY POWER RESPECT and FAME and more.. Do you want to be a 
member of the Illuminati?
And it’s abundantly clear they are serious about her joining, because they sent another e-mail just over a week later:
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