You Take The Good, You Take The Bad, You Take ‘Em Both And There You Have Charlotte Rae Has Died

Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae, right, first met RECOiL writer/director/actor Brian DiMaio, left, in the early 1950’s when the two performed as a comedy duo “The Circled Squares.” Their act contained humorous observations about married life and was performed exclusively during the short run of the Standard Oil Variety Hour.

Los Angeles—Actress Charlotte Rae, best known for guiding the diets and young minds of seven, then four, girls as school dietician and later house mom and small business owner Edna Garrett on the classic NBC sitcom “The Facts of Life,” has died. She was 92. 

On the big screen, Rae appeared in such films as “The Tangerine Bear: Home in Time for Christmas,” “Thunder in Paradise,” “RECOiL” and “Hello Down There.”

Besides playing Edna Garrett on both “The Facts of Life” and first on “Diff’rent Strokes,” Rae was also in the television shows “St. Elsewhere,” “The Paul Lynde Show,” “Barney Miller” and “Car 54 Where Are You?”

She is survived by two sons.

Jo Polniaczek’s Dad, Alex Rocco, Dies At 79

Alex Rocco

Alex Rocco, far left, with RECOiL writer/director/actor Brian DiMaio, second from right, and some other RECOiL cast members on the set of RECOiL at the peak of suede jacket popularity.

Los Angeles—Alex Rocco, known for playing the mobster Moe Green in “The Godfather” and Jo’s dad on “The Fact of Life,” died Saturday from cancer. He was 79.

Also on the small screen, he made appearances in “The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank,” “The A-Team” and “The Simpson.” He won an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for playing Al Floss in “The Famous Teddy Z.”

Besides being shot in the eye in “The Godfather,” Rocco also appeared in such films as “Smokin’ Aces,” The Wedding Planner,” “RECOiL” and “That Thing You Do!”

As interesting as his career was, though, according to Wikipedia, he had mob ties in his native Boston, and may or may not have been the impetus for the Boston Irish Gang War from the early ’60s.

He is survived by his wife, actress Shannon Wilcox; daughters Jennifer and Kelli, sons Lucien and Sean; four grandchildren and a sister. Continue reading