LeBron James “Really, Really Surprised” The Dallas Mavericks Actually Want To Play The NBA Finals

LeBron James

It has been said this artist's impression of a proposed LeBron James statue is not to scale as it should be twice the size.

Miami—LeBron James said he doesn’t really understand the motivation behind the Dallas Mavericks insisting they actually play the best-of-seven NBA Finals, which are scheduled to start May 31st.

“I mean, they all saw my special last year (‘The Decision’ an hour-long LeBron love-fest that aired on ESPN last July that culminated with James stating he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and taking his talents to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat),” James said. “They know I decided to come here to win a title. And to do that, we had to outplay Boston. Well, we beat Boston in round 2. Why is Dallas doing this?”
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