Actor-Sheriff Clifton James Dies At 96

Clifton James, left, met RECOiL actor/writer/director Brian DiMaio, right, on the set of the 1975 film Bear and the Outlaw. The concept of a police chase encompassing the entire plot of the film was ahead of its time as evidenced by the movies obscurity. Two years later Smokey and the Bandit would become a runaway hit.

Gladstone, OR—Clifton James, best known for playing the character of Sheriff J.W. Pepper in two James Bond movies, died Saturday from complications of diabetes. He was 96. 

Besides playing a sheriff alongside Bond in both “The Man with the Golden Gun” as well as the worst James Bond film, “Live and Let Die,” James also played a sheriff in “Superman II,” “Silverstreak,” “RECOiL” and “The Reivers.”

He also played a sheriff on the small screen in TV shows like “The A-Team” and “Dukes of Hazard.” James played non-sheriff roles in “All My Children” and “Gunsmoke.”

He is survived by his six children. 

“I Don’t Give A Crap What You Had For Lunch:” A TDQ Q&A With Actor Andre Gower

Andre Gower

Andre Gower

This week we caught up with Andre Gower, star of the cult classic “The Monster Squad” and an acting/media coach. Andre spoke to us about chopping down a tree with Mr. T, his thoughts about Twitter and the rigors of being a teen heartthrob. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Andre Gower:

The Daily Quarterly: How did you hear about

Andre Gower: Spam actually. Not the lunch meat, the e-mail kind.
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