Tony Verna, Inventor Of Instant Replay, Has Died Once At 81

Tony Verna, left, with RECOiL writer/co-director Brian DiMaio.  RECOiL was the only movie Verna would direct.  He decided to have his name removed from the credits because he graciously wanted, as he put it, "nothing to do with it."

Tony Verna, left, with RECOiL writer/co-director Brian DiMaio. RECOiL was the only movie Verna would direct. He decided to have his name removed from the credits because he graciously wanted, as he put it, “nothing to do with it.”

Palm Desert, CA—Longtime television director Tony Verna, who devised a way to cue back live television and gave us instant replay, died last Sunday at his home from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He was 81.

Struggling for something to show between plays during the football games he directed, Verna came up with a way to solve the act of blindingly looking for the part of the video tape, still only being used sparingly in TV, that he was looking for. He realized he could send audio beeps to an unused audio track on the tape as it recorded live action, and then be able to find the moment that a play on the tape was about to start.

He would go on to direct or produce five Super Bowls, an Olympics and LiveAid as well as co-direct what he said was actually his greatest achievement, “RECOiL.”

He earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the all those snobs at the Directors Guild of America in 1995.

Verna is survived by Carol, his wife of 45 years; daughters Tracy and Jenny; a son, Eric and three grandchildren.

Phineas Downey Looking For Heads To Roll Over Super Bowl Power Outage

Phineas Downey?

Is this the first known picture of Phineas Downey? We don’t know. It’s too dark.

New Orleans-Former “Deeder” Leader and world-class over-reactor Phineas Downey for some reason felt the need to weigh in on the events surrounding the Super Bowl and the 34-minute power outage that interrupted the game during the third quarter last week. It’s unclear if anyone associated with the NFL, the City of New Orleans or the Superdome contacted Downey, but there he was yesterday sticking his nose in the Crescent City’s business.

“I’m not all that familiar with the rules and traditions of football,” Downey said at a press conference, “or soccer as it’s called in the rest of the world, but from all the research I’ve done since this incident, it’s clear to me that someone made a huge mistake, they’re fortunate no one was seriously injured and somebody needs to go to jail for this grievous, terrible tragedy. It’s un-conscionable that no one has been arrested yet this long after the match was held in New Orleans, the town so lovingly referred to as The Large Easy.”
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After Today, The Daily Quarterly’s Terrible Twos Begin- Consider Yourselves Warned

2 Years of The Daily Quarterly.

The cake maker refused to put a tobacco pipe on a two year old’s birthday cake. We tried to explain but we got into this whole big thing.

Put your party hats on, people! It’s the second anniversary of The Daily Quarterly! Woot woot!

We’ve broken a lot of news, fixed a lot of stories and even written a book in two short years, and it’s all for you, our beloved, loyal readers. We know you’re grateful, honest, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop sending us those checks.

Two years, though, is nothing when you consider our long-term goal of news and internet and internet news domination. Shoot, the “Monkees” TV show lasted just two years, and look what all they accomplished. We have no plans whatsoever of quitting this juggernaut like those daydream believers did after just two years.

Of course, it helps that neither of us have an ego like Peter Tork’s.

So what’s next for The Daily Quarterly, you ask? Well, cheer up sleepy Jean, we’ll continue to promote our first book, “Harnessing The Power of Spite to Achieve Your Goals,” as well as working on our second book, which we hope to have out sometime this summer.
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Cowboys “Quarterback” Tony Romo Excited For Season To Start, Says 16-Game Regular Season “Plenty Long Enough”

Tony Romo

Tony Romo shares the same dream as any other NFL Quarterback: To win the U.S. Open golf championship.

Oxnard, CA—With expectations as high as ever for the Dallas Cowboys as they head into the NFL season, star quarterback Tony Romo said he’s excited to start the season, but thinks all the talk of extending the number of games in the regular season to 18 or 20 is premature and silly.

“I can’t even imagine playing more than 16 games in one season,” Romo said after taking a break about seven minutes into practice yesterday. “I don’t understand guys who talk about wanting to play more games. Sixteen games is plenty. I have a life, you know.”

Romo said he’s “dog tired” come the end of January, when the regular season winds down. He said he really enjoys sitting at home during the NFL playoffs and watching his peers “play world-class football. I’m a fan, too. It’s fun to watch.”

Romo points to the annual Super Bowl party he hosts, and said it’s his favorite part of the entire football season. Plus, he has other interests, including golf, to keep him busy during the offseason.
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