Manti Te’o Forms Great, Meaningful Relationship With Head Coach Of St. Louis Gunners NFL Team

St. Louis Gunners

Te’o held what he is referring to as a “press conference” to announce the news.

Bradenton, FL-—Former Notre Dame player and current NFL hopeful Manti Te’o told reporters yesterday that he met and quickly developed a very deep, strong relationship with the head coach of the St. Louis Gunners of the NFL while he was at the NFL combine in Indianapolis last week.

“I just… I feel like we really clicked,” Te’o said. “The scouts, the head coach, the GM, we all got along really, really well. I’m excited about the future of my relationship with the St. Louis Gunners organization.”

Te’o said he even spent the first few nights after the combine on the phone late with the Gunners head coach, and fell asleep with his phone to his ear. “It was so peaceful, hearing him breathing on the other end of the phone. And I know it helped him get through the night as well.” Continue reading