New Product Purports Protection Against Shallow Water Shark Attacks

Sharks Shoes

Sharks Shoes. The foam shoe that makes your feet look like sharks, not fish!

Cocoa Beach, FL — As the number shark bites increase along Florida’s Space Coast local officials are grappling with the opposing forces of public safety and tourist revenue.  A local entrepreneur is hoping to solve both problems with, of all things, footwear.

Tom Emilylinson is not a podiatrist nor is he marine biologist but he is bringing both disciplines together to create a new line of footwear called Sharks Shoes, or just Sharks for short.  Emilylinson has a history in working with foams developed for the, now retired, space shuttle program.  He became concerned with the increasing number of shark bites happening along local beaches and felt compelled to do something.  But what could he do?

“The key came when I was watching the news,” Emilylinson began.  “Some shark scientist said the reason sharks were attacking wasn’t because of some Jaws like vengeance.  They were just biting feet because they thought they were fish.  She gave me the idea on a silver platter.  If people’s feet didn’t look like fish sharks wouldn’t bite them.”  Tom incorporated Sharks Shoes and began work on a line of foam shoes that looked like life-sized young adult reef sharks.  “They rarely attack their own kind.” Continue reading