Study Suggests Future Toys Will Take Burden Of Having To Use Imagination Off Of Children


Imagine, if you will, a system that can all but eliminate the need for imagination. Can’t imagine it? Just sit back and wait.

Bemidji, MN—A new study financed by toy manufacturers has found that children no longer like to use their imagination while playing with action figures, and would much rather sit back and watch the toys play themselves automatically, with little or no interaction whatsoever with the toys, which industry insiders have said will have a major impact on the future of toys.

The study, which will be published next week, said that the typical child no longer has interest in touching toys or action figures, and is overwhelmed when having to come up with scenes to play out by themselves for such toys, in this case, characters from superhero movies and the “Harry Potter” films. Researchers found that even recreating movie scenes using the toys was too much of a hassle for the study participants, and have suggested that toymakers begin work to develop toys that put less pressure on children to have to think on their own.
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