TDQ Investigates: Sale To Disney The Final Nail In The Star Wars/Lucasfilm Coffin

May the Force be with you at the Happiest Place on Earth

It was a good run, if you think about it. We just didn’t know the ending would come like this, by selling out to Disney. From the summer of 1977 to about the summer of 1999, we had a great ride. The battles, the light sabre duels, the pretending to use the Force to choke your friends, the jokes about who is your father.

But for one reason or another, the man behind those 20+ years of magic decided to destroy his own creation. Much like Arthur Conan Doyle choosing to kill off Sherlock Holmes at Reichenbach Falls, and Ian Fleming trying to find a way to kill off James Bond, George Lucas had tired of the Star Wars universe. He came to resent all the fanboys who lauded his life’s work and viewed Lucas as a geek god. Continue reading

Delusional Australian Blowhard Files Lawsuit Insisting He’s The Basis For Sherlock Holmes

Paul Bassingthwaighte

Paul Bassingthwaighte, proclaimed inspiration for Sherlock Holmes, has been investigating cases in the Sydney area for years, despite the authorities urging him not to.

Sydney, Australia—A 50 year-old lifelong resident of Sydney has filed a lawsuit in London claiming he is owed more than a century’s worth of royalties as being the inspiration for the most famous detective in literary history, Sherlock Holmes.

Paul Bassingthwaighte has actually found a lawyer, who is representing him pro bono, no less, to file a lawsuit against Arthur Conan Doyle’s heirs, alleging that he is owed “500 million pounds, which is a steal, thank you very much,” according to the suit.
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