Former Quarterback Jeff George Pondering Return To NFL After Learning You Can Win A Game By Throwing An Interception

Jeff George

Jeff George hasn’t been sitting on his hands all this time. He has been studying the film and doing the research.

Indianapolis, IN—Following last month’s debacle at the end of the Packers-Seahawks Monday Night Football game where a clear interception by Green Bay was overlooked and Seattle was gifted a win by the replacement officials, former NFL quarterback and media darling Jeff George said he was looking into making a comeback, “seeing as how games can be won now by throwing picks.”

Alas, it appears that the new contract agreement between the NFL and the referees has thrown a monkey wrench into George’s plans at a comeback. Now 44, the former overall number one pick by the Colts in the 1990 draft bounced around the NFL, playing quarterback for Indianapolis, Atlanta, Oakland, Minnesota, Washington, Seattle and Chicago before the league finally washed its hand of him in 2006. He hasn’t thrown a pass in the NFL since 2001.
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Tony Romo Working To Show That All The Critics Who Are Right About Him Are Wrong

Tony Romo

Tony Romo can still find a reason to get excited. In this case, two of his favorite candy bars.

Dallas—A source close to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said the hapless team leader hears all the constant, accurate criticism about him. And simply because all the critics are right, that doesn’t mean Romo should lose the starting position in Dallas, (even though it really does).

“He’s always had to work harder than everybody else,” said the source, who asked that TDQ not reveal her unique position on the training staff of the Dallas Cowboys, for fear she, as the only woman on the staff, would lose her job. “So he’s used to trying to prove critics wrong who are actually dead on about what they say about him.”
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