Palin to Couric: New Show “Sarah” Will “Knock That Little Munchkin Back Off The Air”

Katie and Sarah

We have sourced these promotional images that are believed to lend credence to a Sarah Palin talk show. It appears there are still some details to work out.

Hollywood— Three days after long-time Today show host Katie Couric announced her new syndicated daytime talk show “Katie,” Sarah Palin has countered by announcing a “much better” show aptly named “Sarah.”

“I won’t rest until that little freak is off the air and laying in a grave next to her husband,” a surprisingly worked-up Palin commented.  “No one embarrasses the Palin family.”

Back in 2008, Couric made the mistake of asking Palin what magazines and newspapers she reads.  This seemingly innocent question has led to a 5-year-and-counting mission by Sarah Palin to counter and humiliate Couric at every turn.
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Rihanna: “I’m Not In The Illuminati; Next Person Asks Is Gonna Get Mysteriously Killed”


Rihanna claims no affiliation with the Illuminati. Her latest tattoo of Bavarian Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt (seen here at the 2011 Grammy awards) tells a different story.

New York—Rihanna called an unexpected news conference last week to answer questions that no one actually at the news conference asked. She started the 15-minute conference saying that she’s been hearing rumors and seeing stories on the internet about her being involved in the powerful, secret global society, The Illuminati, and that she practices Voodoo.

She took no questions at the news conference, and after a short prepared speech, launched into an off-the-cuff profanity-laced tirade against LeBron James, Sarah Palin and Baxter from “The Great Space Coaster.”

But her detractors still weren’t convinced.
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Katie Couric Taking Her Talents To…?

Katie Couric

Couric with Palin on the set of a yet-to-be named television pilot.

It appears that Katie Couric has quite a few options to choose from if she doesn’t decide to renew her contract at CBS News when it expires June 4. But an anonymous source close to the situation has reported that Couric is very interested in doing a television show, and is spending quite a bit of time brainstorming to come up with the perfect pitch to take to the networks.

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