TDQ Investigates: Inconceivable Plot Hole In “The Princess Bride”

The Dread Pirate Roberts

Toy manufacturers, known for their impeccable safety records, noticed the potential problem and took action.


When soon-to-be-Princess Buttercup is told the truth about her fiance Westley’s “death” as the two of them are traipsing through the Fire Swamp in the 1987 Rob Reiner classic, “The Princess Bride,” part of that truth was that Westley was not killed by Dread Pirate Roberts after his ship had been attacked when he left Buttercup five years earlier. He wasn’t killed, but did learn that there’d been two other Dread Pirate Roberts since the original one, who’d been retired fifteen years and was living quite comfortably in Patagonia. And the Dread Pirate Roberts who captured Westley was so enamored with him, that he bequeathed the Dread Pirate Roberts moniker to Westley himself.
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