FOX Gives Green Light To New Reality Show, “Under Cover Spouse”

Undercover Spouse

Undercover Spouse: Be careful what you say around that new acquaintance! They might be your spouse!

Los Angeles—FOX announced yesterday that it had ordered 13 episodes of a new reality program called “Under Cover Spouse” that is slated to begin airing this summer.

In a press release, FOX said, in part, “From the producers who brought you ‘Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire’ and ‘The Simple Life’ comes a brand new, groundbreaking reality show, ‘Under Cover Spouse!’ It’s one part ‘Wife Swap,’ one part ‘Under Cover Boss’ and all parts fun!”

The premise, as FOX painfully explained it, will be that either a husband or wife will dress up in disguise and pose as a new co-worker of their significant other. A film crew will follow them around during the work day and record the “unsuspecting spouse dishing, and sometimes dissing!” on their spouse.
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