Rumored Apple Accessory To Counter Increasing Android Screen Size


iGlass screen enhancer for iPhone.

Cupertino, CA – Before any scheduled Apple event the rumor mill cranks up to full speed as technology journalists compete to guess what might be up Apple’s sleeve. The event scheduled for September 10th, 2013 is no exception. Experts are predicting an incremental upgrade to the current iPhone 5 as well a new, less expensive iPhone variant. An updated 7th version of Apple’s iOS operating system, which has been available to developers hands for months, will power the new devices.

The iPhone 5 was the first iPhone version to see a larger screen size with an increase in height to match the 16:9 width to height ratio made popular by high definition television. All indications are that the iPhone 5 successor, 5S will use the same screen as the 5 and this has some analysts concerned. Expert Sonny Applebottom sums it up. “Android screen size and resolution is quickly outpacing offerings from Apple and people may no longer be satisfied with a 4 inch display no matter how many pixels it packs.”

The solution may come with an iPhone accessory that is rumored to be released with the speculated iPhone 5S. Source say the accessory will be called iGlass and it will increase iPhone screen size by a factor of two. With an effective size of 8 inches iGlass should give iPhone users an advantage over Android devices for the time being. Our source, to which we paid a handsome fee, claims the iGlass may put the screen enhancing technology at the end of an easy to hold handle. When we asked if consumers could expect a “wearable” version similar to Google’s “Glass” product our source responded with, “Oooh, yeah. That’s a better idea. I’m going to use that.”
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