Great Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree

We here at TDQ went to college. We got college degrees. Our wives got degrees. Does that make us all suckers? Maybe. More and more, we see high-paying jobs out there that don’t require a college degree. And the money the people in these careers are making makes us sick. Just sick.

What kinds of jobs are out there for folks without a degree? How about:

If you don't play you can't win.

If you don’t play you can’t win.

Professional lottery winner Three winning tickets were sold in that billion-dollar Power Ball drawing last year. And you know the best thing about being a professional lottery winner? They don’t check your resume when you hand over your wrinkled cash and coins. They could care less if you went to college. Not a bad gig.

LeBron James

I don’t think King James I went to college. Why should LeBron James?

Professional basketball player “Lebron” King James earned $71 million between his salary and his off the court endeavors. Not too shabby for a cat who never even spent a second mulling over completing college applications.

Robert Downey Jr.

If it were legal we would snort some Robert Downey Jr…and hopefully absorb some of his talent and work ethic.

Hollywood movie star Do you have any idea how much money Robert Downey, Jr. made in 2015? Eighty million dollars. Say that out loud. Eighty million dollars. Jealous? He never went to college. Hell, he never even graduated from high school!

Tiffany Trump

Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric went to college, but Tiffany will, likely, outlive them all since she is, like, half their age.

Heir to a major family fortune Your parents may threaten you about getting a degree, or else they’ll cut off the trust fund. But studies show that nearly 94% of those threats go unfulfilled. We like those odds.

Professional PlaintiffProfessional plaintiff If your attorney has done all the legwork and gotten a degree, you surely don’t have to. Can you handle a little bit of hot coffee being poured on you? Can you slip and fall with the best of them? Fine with being rear-ended at a stop light? Then make a call to your attorney and watch the money start rolling in. Easy as pie.

Doesn’t this list of jobs give you hope for your future? Who needs a college degree? These folks prove that anybody can make a great living without a silly piece of paper.