Erich Mrak Releases Another Video, For “Retrospect” Today

Once again we turn to our friends from the north to take our minds off of the turmoil here in the states. Our close, personal Canadian friend Erich Mrak releases a new video today!

“Retrospect” is now available:

“Retrospect” Official Music Video :

And here’s a link to “Retrospect”

14500594_1451798981500388_6088563236246086924_oAnd for Heaven’s sake, follow our boy Erich on Twitter and like his Facebook page.

Once again we (and Canada) bridge the gap to bring the entire nation together. You’re welcome, America.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise.


Erich Mrak Releases A New EP, “Float”

mrak-747bdc2c-eb1e-439c-b178-b9322ded8be9Toronto—Coming off his strong EP release, “Retrospect” in August, our good pal Erich Mrak continues to remain consistent with the release of his new single Tuesday, “Float.” With upbeat production by Bento, the song details an unstable, sparse relationship that took place over the course of a year.

“Float” marks Erich’s first release since his 4 track EP, “Retrospect,” as Erich continues to work on his next EP, “Healed.”

Here’s the link: Float – Erich Mrak :

As usual, dear readers, you are now informed. Go and do likewise.

A New Release From Our Pal, Canada’s Erich Mrak

f115785e-14a1-4b8b-8b6c-9494f8924c57After releasing “Drowning Out” ft. Maurice Moore in April, Erich Mrak is now releasing three new singles (which are incorporated within the music video) today. The music video is titled “Retrospect” (the same as the EP), moulded around his three new singles, “You’ve Changed,” “I’ll Be Fine,” and “Fall.” While the three singles focus on the challenge of accepting the end of a relationship, “Retrospect” visualizes a continuous storyline in three distinct parts relating to each new single. The links for all of the new singles can be found below.