A TDQ Q&A Follow-Up With Filmmaker Bryan Smith

Box Of Salvation - 8th Avenue Studios

Box Of Salvation – 8th Avenue Studios

It’s been a busy year since we last spoke to Bryan Smith of 8th Avenue Studios. We caught up with him to talk about his latest project, a feature-length documentary called “Box of Salvation.” Bryan and his wife Carin have been all over the country promoting the film, but were able to find a few minutes to tell us about making the film. Here’s this week’s TDQ Q&A Follow-Up With Bryan Smith:

The Daily Quarterly: Tell us about 8th Avenue Studios’ latest project, “Box of Salvation”

Bryan Smith: “Box of Salvation” is our first go at a feature-length documentary. It’s a passion project – meaning we did it because we wanted to. Balancing our paid work with this and two kids under the age of 6 kept us pretty damn busy! Continue reading