TDQ Investigates: The Stories We Blew This Past Year

Judd Nelson

Proof Judd Nelson is no longer with us from the Bing search engine.

Believe it or not, we’re human here at The Daily Quarterly. And even though we have dozens of lowly, over-worked, unpaid interns who scour the interwebs 25 hours a day for the news we need to know so we can inform you, sometimes those losers we clearly put too much faith in miss a big story. And this year, those jackasses missed the death of former Brat Packer Judd Nelson in October.

We’re kicking ourselves over here (well, not so much kicking ourselves so much as the jackasses who can barely get us coffee and pick our mail, to be honest) that we didn’t do the obituary that Judd Nelson so richly deserved.

In our defense, though if CNN didn’t break the story first and incorrectly before every other news outlet, there is a really good chance we would have let it fall through the cracks. If they didn’t get Don Lemon to quote or misquote former Brat Pack cohorts like Robert Downey Jr. or Molly Ringwald, then it would probably have flown under our TDQ radar.

Judd Nelson

Judd Nelson’s demise is corroborated on the popular hoax debunking site

So, really, it isn’t our fault that we somehow missed Nelson’s passing in October. Keep that in mind as we enter 2015 and you have even more options of where to get your internet news.

And again, even if it were our fault, it really was our interns’ fault.¬†Plus, what’s Judd Nelson even done lately? He was in an episode of “Psych,” right? Wasn’t he? But just one, yes? Even Anthony Michael Hall appeared in a few eps, right? Alongside Shawn and Gus and that beautiful Juliet. Maggie Lawson, man, what a hottie. Did her other show on ABC get cancelled? Where she was a single mother-former softball player-living with her father? Is that still on? I don’t think so. Boy, hate to think we missed that death, too. Shoot.

And is she still involved with Shawn from “Psych,” too? I don’t mean Shawn Spencer, I mean in really real life with what’s his name? We’ll have the interns look into that, assuming ¬†they can handle such a menial task. That’ll get 2015 off on the right foot. And it’s just more information you need and deserve to get through your hectic life.

You’re welcome.

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