Pope Benedict XVI Resigns To Open Bed And Breakfast Outside Venice

Benedict's Bed & Breakfast

Benedict’s Bed & Breakfast has a perks list that few can rival.

Vatican City, Italy—After several weeks of soul-searching (literally), Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, announced his resignation after nearly eight years as head of the Catholic Church. The pope said it’s been a great ride, but he never shut the door on his dream of wanting to own a bed and breakfast, and decided that now was the time.

“It’s just, you know, something I’ve always wanted to do,” the pope, 85, said. “And I figured it’s now or never, so here we go.”

The pope put a down payment on a small villa in a village just outside Venice, and with a little restoration and “some Papal elbow grease, if you will” he said, he hopes to open up the B&B by the end of the summer.

“Sure, I’ll miss some things,” the pope said. “It’s a good gig. I got to see that movie ‘Skyfall’ before it hit theaters, that was pretty cool. And I have no problem getting great seats when rock stars are in town. I do wish I could have seen Taylor Swift do a show live, though. That would have been cool.”
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