TDQ Tech And Showcase Day!!

PMSIt may be the madness that comes with March itself, or it may be that we’re still stunned by this ridiculous winter, but whatever the reason, we are once again combining two great things for a TDQ Tech and TDQ Showcase piece. Our pals at The The GrinderyGrindery bring you Google autonomous vehicle news, and we’ve also got a really cool PMS Comics montage comic.

Seems like old times, kids. Enjoy.

You are now both technologically and internet comically informed. Go and do likewise.

TDQ Tech And… Wait For It… Showcase, TOO!

PMSThe GrinderyWhat’s that, you say? We can’t do both a TDQ Tech and a TDQ Showcase on the same day? Son, it’s the new year. The Mayans were wrong, so there are no rules! If we want to show off some Grindery goodness AND some PMS Comics, we’re going to by-God do it!


You are now BOTH technologically and webcomically informed. Go and do likewise.