TDQ Investigates: The Jane Goodall Plagiarism Scandal

Jane Goodall Fact Checker

Jane Goodall claims she had her book, “Seeds of Hope,” scrutinized by many esteemed colleagues.

If you’re like us, your world was rocked last week when word broke that Jane Goodall’s new book, set to be released in April, quite possible plagiarized a good chunk of it.

As much as we’d love to see Sigourney Weaver act out scenes of Jane Goodall writing a book (just imagine her at a typewriter pecking away and having a conversation with a gorilla, handing him a banana at the same time. Hilarious!), it pains us to learn that the researcher and scientist famous for living with apes is just the latest in a string of high-profile plagiarists.

In an article we totally are linking to accurately, Goodall’s latest book, “Seeds of Hope,” was apparently found by independent researchers to have several passages plagiarized from various sources, including our favorite go-to “source” site, Wikipedia.

While we certainly understand that it’s difficult to write a book, and we would assume it’s even more difficult to write a good one, we have to wonder how much of the other stuff Goodall has written is true, in light of these allegations.
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TDQ Investigates: Fareed Zakariah’s Sins Extend All The Way To Us, Too

Fareed Zakariah

One thing is sure: Fareed Zakariah always has a place here at The Daily Quarterly.

We didn’t read much stuff written by CNN’s Fareed Zakariah, who was caught a couple weeks back lifting parts of other writers’ works and passing them off as his own in The New York Times. In the great tradition of journalistic plagiarism and lies, Zakariah was caught and has been suspended by the various news outlets he wrote for.

Now, we at TDQ love a good scandal, especially a good journalism scandal. We’re still mesmerized by the Stephen Glass saga, and were thrilled when we landed a TDQ Q&A with journalist Adam Penenberg. (Chuck Lane, Glass’ editor The New Republic who had to try and clean up his mess, recently politely declined to do a TDQ Q&A.)
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