Comic Strip Critic Still Searching For Major Media Outlet To Hire Him To Ply His Trade

Patrick Mahaffey

Patrick Mahaffey says he would consider an offer from The New York Times as a comic critic.

Chicago—It’s not easy to prove to the world you’re the best in your profession when not too much of the world is concerned with your work. That’s the problem facing the self-described “most intelligent, honest, well-spoken comic strip critic in the world.”

It seems that Patrick Mahaffey’s goal of telling you and me what to read every morning at breakfast is dependent on major media outlets picking up his columns and “putting them where they rightfully belong, on the same pages as ‘Over the Hedge’ and ‘Garfield.’ Though God knows ‘Garfield’ has been stagnant and passé’ for years.”  

Mahaffey said he thinks the comics page editors of the major newspapers for the most part, don’t understand or care about the obligation they have to their readers, and that’s the biggest reason so many newspapers are failing all across the country.
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Historian Debunks “Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron” Myth

Beagle Pilot Feasibility Study

The Daily Quarterly invested millions of dollars into its own Beagle Pilot Feasibility Study and confirmed the results: It is unlikely that a beagle would be able to pilot a WW I aircraft.

Providence, RI—In his new book, Brown University history professor and World War I historian Dr. Gregg Guidi exposes the truth behind the longstanding story made popular in both the funny pages and in song about Snoopy fighting the German fighter pilot known as the Red Baron.

Guidi said he’s spent his entire career searching war documents, army archives and newspaper accounts and has finally finished his 2,871 page book putting to bed the “disturbingly historically inaccurate” myth that the beloved “Peanuts” star took on the Red Baron during World War I.
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