Iran Confident Successful Monkey Space Flight Is Next Step In Reaching Planet Of Pandora By 2020


Ahmadinejad speech has been hailed as “unique”, “original”, and “not at all derivative of Western history or pop culture” by Iranian critics.

Tehran, Iran—When news broke last week that Iran had successfully launched a monkey into space and safely returned him back to his cage at the Tehran Busch Gardens, leaders of the moderate, pro-USA country saw the breakthrough as just getting one step closer to leaving Earth and completing a space flight to the planet of Pandora.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech to the Tehran Knights of Columbus earlier this week that he and his government are not monkeying around. They are confident they can reach Pandora by the year 2020, and outlined his vision for a world where Iran can fly into space: “There is no strife, no prejudice, no national conflict in Pandora as yet. Its hazards are hostile to us all. Its conquest deserves the best of all mankind, and its opportunity for peaceful cooperation may never come again. But why, some say, Pandora? Why choose this and its unspoiled reserves of Unobtainium as our goal? And they may well ask why climb the highest mountain? Why, five years ago, use a telephone with no wires? Why does Sepahan play Tractor Sazi for the Persian Gulf Cup?
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“I Could Do A Triple Somersault And It Would Be A Cakewalk Compared To Doing Comedy:” A TDQ Q&A With Actress And Author Carolyn Hennesy, Part 2

Carolyn Hennesy

Some people say this category at the annual The Daily Quarterly Awards was tailor made for Carolyn Hennesy to win. To that we say, “What? Did you say something?”

TDQ: Tell us about the Pandora series of books.

Hennesy: Pandora (Pandy) is your average teenaged every-girl who lives in ancient Greece. Best friends, bullies, crushes, family issues…oh, and also semi-immortal. She finds the box containing all the evil in the world and decides it would be very cool to take to school for a class project. Naturally, the box is opened and everything gets loose. Pandy is given a choice by the king of the gods, Zeus: eternal torture and torment OR she must get everything that got out of the box back into the box. She chooses the quest and the books are the story of her amazing adventures as she sets out to right her wrong. Her two best friends travel with her and together they must live by their wits; fighting for each other, sometimes with each other, learning about the world, using cool magical tools, dealing with gods and monsters and becoming strong, funny, lovely young women.

TDQ: What’s the status of the sixth book in the Pandora series?

Hennesy: She’s out, she’s up, she’s running wild on the bookstore shelves.

Carolyn Hennesy's Pandora
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“I Could Do A Triple Somersault And It Would Be A Cakewalk Compared To Doing Comedy:” A TDQ Q&A With Actress And Author Carolyn Hennesy

Carolyn HennesyThis week, our featured guest for the TDQ Q&A is “True Blood” and “General Hospital” actress and author Carolyn Hennesy. Carylon spoke with us about her young adult book series, Pandora, the difference between flying on a trapeze and acting and the pastry perks of being in the business. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Carolyn Hennesy:

The Daily Quarterly: Who was your favorite actress growing up?

Carolyn Hennesy: Katherine Hepburn.

TDQ: What was your favorite soap opera growing up?

Hennesy: “General Hospital.” Oh, and I used to watch “The Edge Of Night” with my grandmother when I was very little. Had no idea what was going on; was simply fascinated that she was immovable for a period of time each day.

TDQ: Who was your favorite Southern vampire growing up?

Hennesy: Lestat…not really Southern, but made his home in the south, so it counts.
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