From The Editors: We Totally Forgot There Were 29 Days In February This Year…

Happy Leap...Day?

This is the best the art department could come up with on such short notice.

Ooof! Our bad. We totally forgot that today was Leap Day, or February 29th, or whatever the hell day this date is called officially. We totally have nothing to talk about and no pieces prepared to publish today. Sorry about that.

But, of course, our advertisers expect us to put something out every day, so…here you go.

Anyway…I guess…the election! Yeah, it’s an election year, right? How about those Republican primaries? Crazy, right? Yeah…crazy…
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In Versus Vs. Credible Cable Sports Network, NBC Throws In The Towel

NBC Sports Network

Executives say the new branding of the NBC Sports Network will leave little trace of the Versus network.

New York—Cable sports channel Versus couldn’t compete against the other legitimate cable sports channels, so Comcast’s NBC Sports Group announced last week that they’ve completely given up trying to lure viewers just by showing hockey games and that they will change the name of the cable channel to NBC Sports Network. The makeover, including a new rainbow-colored peacock logo, an anti-patriotic mindset and plans to show sports people actually watch, takes effect Jan. 2.

“This is more than just a name change for Versus,” NBC Sports Group czar Mark Lazarus said in a carefully crafted statement. “It’s a complete repositioning of the brand.” The national sports channel insisted it did a very adequate-to-better-than-adequate job showing the NHL, but nobody actually watched the channel to verify that. Plus, Versus never developed into the legitimate national rival to ESPN that many naïve sports viewers and television industry people had hoped it would. Continue reading