NBC Announces Fall Schedule; “Cheers,” “The Cosby Show” And “St. Elsewhere” Coming Back To Primetime TV In Their Original Format

NBC Fall Lineup

If you haven't seen it it's new to you!

New York—In the most oddly intriguing move NBC has made since deciding three years ago to eliminate all scripted shows in the weeknight 10 pm timeslot and give it over to Jay Leno, the Peacock Network announced its new fall schedule last week, and are apparently jumping into a time machine hoping that re-airing formerly popular shows from the 1980s will revive the network’s lagging ratings.

“No, no, understand now,” NBC head Robert Greenblatt said at the press conference when prompted, “these are not reboots or remakes. These are the actual shows that originally aired. We’re very thrilled to bring back as they originally ran these very popular programs. These shows stand the test of time. Just the other night I caught a rerun of ‘Cheers’ on TV Land, and I just laughed and laughed. That Sam, (spoiler alert!) he’s a pistol!”
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Just To Settle The Debate Of Whether Or Not It’s Jumped The Shark, “The Office” Is Adding Ted McGinley To The Cast

Ted McGinley - The Office

Look for Ted "The Closer" McGinley on this season of The Office.

Los Angeles—In an effort to settle the debate once and for all over whether NBC’s once mega-hit British-inspired sitcom, “The Office,” has indeed jumped the shark, producers confirmed yesterday that they are adding Ted McGinley, known as the “Patron Saint of Jumping the Shark,” to the cast, putting the nail in the show’s coffin. And, BONUS! To check off another one of the “You know your favorite TV show’s jumped the shark when…” storylines for typical confirmation the show has jumped, McGinley will be playing Andy Bernard’s long-lost brother!
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“Just One More Thing;” Peter Falk Dies

Peter Falk

Peter Falk and Brian DiMaio on the set of RECOiL.

Beverly Hills, CA—Peter Falk, best known for his portrayal of bumbling, wrinkled police Detective Lt. Columbo on NBC and ABC, died Friday. He was 83.

First portraying what turned into one of the most lovable and recognizable police detectives in TV history, Falk first donned his trardemark raincoat as Lt. Columbo in 1968. He would then go on to portray Columbo in an NBC anthology series from 1971-1978, and again on ABC from 1989-2003.

Falk was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in 1960’s “Murder, Inc.” and nominated again a year later in “Pocketful of Miracles.”

He also appeared in “RECOiL,” “The Princess Bride,” “Murder By Death,” and “Corky Romano.”

Falk lost his right eye at the age of three due to retinoblastoma. He wore a glass eye for most of his life.

He won four Emmy Awards during his career, four of which he won for portraying Lt. Columbo.

He was married twice and is survived by his wife Shera Danese and two daughters.

TDQ Investigates: Adrianne Palicki

Wonder Woman Show Notes

Some leaked show notes from NBC executives. Click to enlarge.

When we first discussed this piece in the TDQ conference room hours after NBC declined to pick up “Wonder Woman” for the fall schedule last week, we thought about just running a few pictures of Adrianne Palicki in the “Wonder Woman” costume, and not actually putting a story out. We certainly couldn’t blame you for not reading this and just looking at her.

But journalistic integrity won out, and we felt it was our obligation to explain and expose the real reason that NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt elected to pass on the series. It wasn’t that it “just didn’t seem to fit in with what we were doing,” as Greenblatt told the press after NBC announced its fall schedule. Continue reading