TDQ Tech And… Wait For It… Showcase, TOO!

PMSThe GrinderyWhat’s that, you say? We can’t do both a TDQ Tech and a TDQ Showcase on the same day? Son, it’s the new year. The Mayans were wrong, so there are no rules! If we want to show off some Grindery goodness AND some PMS Comics, we’re going to by-God do it!


You are now BOTH technologically and webcomically informed. Go and do likewise.

If You’re Not Too Busy Trying To Survive The Apocalypse, Definitely Give Us A Peek On December 22nd

Well, the dog days of summer have faded away like so many baseball teams with high hopes, and fall’s officially here. And with that comes shorter days, negative political campaign ads and football games.

Unfortunately for this particular fall, though, if our Mayan pals are right, this will be our last autumn as a planet, and we’ll all be dead come December 21st. On the bright side, though, that means no Christmas shopping!

Now, December 21st is a Friday this year, so if we all do survive into the 22nd, at least we can sleep in. Which is good, because you can bet people will be partying on December 21st like it’s 1999.
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