Major Stipulation In Sale Of Los Angeles Dodgers Is That They Change Sports And Become Football Team

Dodger's Football

Artist's concept of the transition from baseball to football at the existing Dodger's stadium.

Los Angeles—Several sources have confirmed that whoever the rich sucker that swoops in to buy the troubled Los Angeles Dodgers turns out to be has been told by Major League Baseball that the team has to make the switch from playing baseball to professional football to get any ownership bid approved.

Whoever that is, according to sources, will get a $70 million discount on the Dodgers’ price tag to make the move. The Dodgers have been in LA since they left Brooklyn after the 1957 season, and have been playing baseball since 1883.
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Baseball Loses Another Role Model: Manny Ramirez, Often Called “The Next Charlie Hustle,” Retires

M. Ramirez Drug Test

Ramirez batting 1.000 on his drug test.

Tampa, FL—Manny Ramirez, the two-time World Series Champion and current designated hitter for the Tampa Bay Rays has announced his retirement, and immediately followed up that announcement by saying his retirement has “nothing whatsoever to do with any possible failed drug test taken at the end of spring training, so let’s just get that notion out of your mind right now. Come on.”

Ramirez said that there are plenty of baseball greats who were in Major League Baseball’s Drug Policy Program and retired the opening week of the season right after spring training camp broke and having just taken a drug test. He said there’s nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever about his retirement, and that he just wants to do other things. In other countries. With different laws.

“I want to travel,” Ramirez said. “I’ll probably spend some time in Amsterdam, maybe Thailand. I’m thinking of getting some property down in Columbia. But to say that I’m retiring from baseball during the first week of the season after a drug test because I may have failed the drug test? Dude.That’s just nonsense.” Continue reading