Hatch! Russ! Kyson! Unite For Sci-fi Series “BLADE OF HONOR!”

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Blade Of HonorTV icons Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), Tim Russ (Star Trek : Voyager) and James Kyson (Heroes) embark on a virtuoso homecoming to sci-fi TV with Blade of Honor.

The creative forces behind such science-fiction classics as Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Star Trek:Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: New Voyages, Star Trek: Renegades, Star Trek: The Next Generation team to bring to the screen the next level in small screen space-set sci-fi entertainment!

A Kickstarter campaign has launched to fund the first three episodes of the sweeping sci-fi series, also starring Alison Haislip, Cirroc Lofton, Aron Eisenberg and Brandon Stacy, with a range of rewards including DVDs, autographed photos and producer credits up for grabs to those who contribute!

Brandon Stacy

Brandon Stacy

From writer-producer Mark Edward Lewis, Blade of Honor  fixes on Arina Kartades (Haislip), a religious, headstrong, crack Alliance Navy Star Blade pilot in a war where the human Alliance is losing against the animal race, the Calinar. When Kartades discovers that her Statemandated religious upbringing was a lie, she embarks upon a forced quest to discover the true reasons behind the war. As her discoveries push her deeper into harm’s way, she must go against everything she believes in to fight a cloak and dagger rebellion and expose the galactic elite, the religious masters, and protect the ones she loves from the clutches of her own superiors and the combined military might of the Alliance and Calinar.

Tim Russ - Blade of Honor

Tim Russ

Says the Blade of Honor team, “We’ve got big plans for Blade of Honor, but like with anything worth doing, we must start with the first step. That first step is episode one. The minimum we need to shoot episode one is $30,000 – that includes, building sets, creating wardrobes, renting stages, paying/feeding cast and crew, etc.., not post-production/visual effects. We are confident however, that with this small amount of money, we can make one hell of an impressive sci-fi web series episode.

James Kyson - Blade of Honor

James Kyson

But it is our hope that we fund more than just this one episode of a webseries with this campaign. We need at least five episodes to tell this first story, this first mini-season. Because of that, we’ve got our sights set on some stretch goals as well.”

There are less than four weeks to go in the campaign! Help get Blade of Honor it’s first season!

Our Close, Personal Friend Jesse Heiman Finally Getting The Love He Deserves

HEIMANIf we had a nickel for every time somebody asked us, “Hey, guys, why isn’t somebody doing a full-fledged documentary on my favorite Hollywood extra and your close, personal friend Jesse Heiman? I would pay good money to help get that off the ground!”

Well whine and complain to us no more! Because now, instead of giving that money to us, you can give it to director and producer Nick Weis of Magic Happens Productions, who has just started a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for his documentary, “Jesse Heiman: World’s Greatest Extra.”

The goal of the campaign is to raise $65,000 over a period of 30 days starting TODAY.

Weis and producer Emily Carroll are working on the doc, which follows a year in the life of Jesse as he tries to parlay his extra work into becoming a leading man, thanks to the momentum generated by his awesome 2013 Super Bowl commercial. Continue reading

A TDQ Q&A Follow-Up With Filmmaker Bryan Smith

Box Of Salvation - 8th Avenue Studios

Box Of Salvation – 8th Avenue Studios

It’s been a busy year since we last spoke to Bryan Smith of 8th Avenue Studios. We caught up with him to talk about his latest project, a feature-length documentary called “Box of Salvation.” Bryan and his wife Carin have been all over the country promoting the film, but were able to find a few minutes to tell us about making the film. Here’s this week’s TDQ Q&A Follow-Up With Bryan Smith:

The Daily Quarterly: Tell us about 8th Avenue Studios’ latest project, “Box of Salvation”

Bryan Smith: “Box of Salvation” is our first go at a feature-length documentary. It’s a passion project – meaning we did it because we wanted to. Balancing our paid work with this and two kids under the age of 6 kept us pretty damn busy! Continue reading