Grassroots Campaign Underway To Name Taylor Swift Next United States Poet Laureate

Poet Laureates

Sticking to tradition, outgoing Poet Laureate Philip Levine reads a piece from the incoming Poet Laureate's body of work. In this case, the "Fearless" album song book.

Little Rock, AR—High school sophomores Ashley Phillips and Leanne Carter have a mission in life: to get country music star Taylor Swift named the next American Poet Laureate. 

“We read about Robert Frost and Karl Shapiro in school,” said Ashley, 15. “And they pretty much sucked. So we figured we’ve had enough bad Poet Laureates, it’s time for a good one. One who can write great poems and songs, and one who understands people. And Taylor Swift totally gets what it’s like to grow up in America today.” 

Ashley said their mission would be much easier if she could get a Facebook page going dedicated to this, “but my ‘Fascist’ parents won’t let me get on Facebook yet.” Leanne, also 15, said she has the same problem.

Their classmates aren’t all completely on board with her idea yet, though. “Stacey Greene said we should try and get Carrie Underwood to be Poet Laureate,” Leanne said. “But for one thing, Carrie Underwood doesn’t write her own songs, and for another, I think she’s in trouble with some (federal) prosecutor or something still.”
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