Wikipedia Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Every Student And Journalist Who Finished Homework Or Article Based Solely On Information Obtained From Wikipedia

Wikipedia Lawsuit

The Daily Quarterly has obtained a copy of several of the suits via WikiLeaks. The documents appear to be hastily prepared from templates on

London—Jimmy Wales, the face and co-founder of popular information website Wikipedia has filed class action lawsuits in 27 jurisdictions throughout the world against students and journalists who “failed to do the requisite, appropriate research into homework and articles they wrote, passing off as their own the diligent, often-time consuming hard work done by various writers and editors for our wonderful website.”

Wales said he never dreamed when he started the popular encyclopedic website that so much of its content would wind up in the papers and articles completed by both students and would-be journalists alike.

“I, and so very many hard-working editors who help at Wikipedia got through their schooling doing the actual research and work that was necessary to properly complete the given assignment,” Wales said. “We would actually crack open the books, read the contents, and continue cracking and reading until the material we needed was obtained and put into the pages of our various reports. There was no search engine to type into, no web page from which to cut and paste. And to think that this wonderful site that I and my colleagues have given the entire world would be the crutch that so many lazy individuals use to get by in their various classes and jobs, it sickens me to no end. Thus I am suing.”
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