Ryan Lochte Signs Deal To Write E-Book About Gas Station Ordeal At Rio Olympics

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte’s book telling the story of that fateful night in Rio will only be electronic making it easier to change the story as needed.

New York—Random House Books confirmed hours of speculation yesterday by announcing that gold medal winning Olympic swimmer and “falsely accused innocent bystander” Ryan Lochte had signed a deal to write an e-book about his “terrifying six-minute ordeal” at a gas station in Rio De Janeiro last week.

Fort Lauderdale-based consumer class action attorney Jeffrey M. Ostrow said the investigation in Brazil is still ongoing as to exactly what led to his client being “extorted” at the gas station. But Lochte’s version of events, at least as of the writing of this article, said that he had a gun pointed at him, or near him, and he paid some money to somebody at the gas station, who may or may not have been an employee of the gas station. Or maybe a police or security official. But it was somebody who spoke Portuguese and wanted money for possible property damage that video footage shows he may or may not have caused.

Ostrow said his client stands behind the part of the story that Lochte actually was in Rio for the Olympics, and attended a party sometime on the weekend of August 13th. “That part of the story will never change.”

“We chose the medium of an e-book so that if Mr. Lochte’s version of events needs to be updated, or changed, or altered, it would be much easier to amend the facts as he sees them in e-book form, rather than in books already printed and bound” a statement from Random House said.

The terms of the contract were not disclosed, though a source close to Lochte said it “was like, for more than half a million dollars, Ryan told me. Then he told me an hour later that it was for like, more than five million dollars. So you know he is getting a lot of cake. Like, a lot.”

Likening the horror of the ordeal to “being like that movie ‘Midnight Express.’ Just like that,” Ryan’s pal said Lochte was concerned about his “front quadrant and stroke length, to use swim terms.

“Except nobody got killed and he wasn’t technically in a Turkish prison. But it was exactly like that except for that part. Literally just like that.”