TDQ Investigates: Can The New Season Of “Arrested Development” Possibly Live Up To The Hype?

Arrested Development, Season 4

Arrested Development, Season 4 begins with Michael entering a skiing contest in an attempt to make some money for the Bluth family.

I loved “Arrested Development.” Loved it. I own the entire series on DVD. It was one of the few shows (“Seinfeld,” “Lost,” “Andy Richter Controls the Universe”) that never jumped the shark during its TV run. It also was a rarity in that every single character was terrific. There wasn’t one actor or storyline or character that got tiresome or dull or un-watchable (See: Urkel, Steve).

Even the supporting characters were awesome. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in laughing out loud (remember when you actually had to write that entire phrase out?) when I first heard the name of Scott Baio’s attorney character: Bob Loblaw.

The few of us who loved the show while it was on have grown to love it even more since it went off the air, and plenty more fans have come to appreciate the genius humor of the writing, acting and zaniness. Too bad it never got the love it deserved while it was on.

But I think the biggest reason that so many more people have come to love it, and the reason that its popularity has grown is because it ended so soon. We were left wanting more. The writing and characters hadn’t gotten old, no one had gotten fed up with them yet. (See: Tribiani, Joey)

And so many of us had resigned ourselves to the fact that there would be no more “Arrested Development.” And that was okay. It was good. Despite the years of rumors of a possible film or another season, it never came to be, and so it couldn’t spoil the memories of the show that we had.
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New Book Rips Poor, Innocent, Likeable Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer: Soley responsible for everything bad in the world? Some say yes.

New York—A new tell-all e-book is coming out next week aimed at exposing all the wrongs “Today Show” host and current most-hated man on the planet Matt Lauer is responsible for. It’s entitled, “Matt Lauer Thinks You’re A Big Fat Jerk, Worse, Even, Than Ann Curry,” and it’s being published by Bridge Publications.

Just a few of the evils mentioned in the book that he is 100% responsible for include:

Matt Lauer was behind the Manti Te’o hoax. Matt Lauer reduced the amount of cookies in each box of Girl Scout cookies. Matt Lauer formed the band “Nickelback.”

It was Matt Lauer who decided that Netflix should charge more money for fewer movies. Matt Lauer owns Groupon. And Myspace.

Matt Lauer hacked your Twitter account and sent all those weight loss pill tweets. Matt Lauer introduced John Gosselin to Kate. And then be broke them up.

Matt Lauer cancelled “Arrested Development,” “Firefly” and “Veronica Mars.” Matt Lauer sent E.T. home. Matt Lauer started all the negative press about Lolo Jones. Matt Lauer shot J.R. Both times.
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TDQ Investigates: Sale To Disney The Final Nail In The Star Wars/Lucasfilm Coffin

May the Force be with you at the Happiest Place on Earth

It was a good run, if you think about it. We just didn’t know the ending would come like this, by selling out to Disney. From the summer of 1977 to about the summer of 1999, we had a great ride. The battles, the light sabre duels, the pretending to use the Force to choke your friends, the jokes about who is your father.

But for one reason or another, the man behind those 20+ years of magic decided to destroy his own creation. Much like Arthur Conan Doyle choosing to kill off Sherlock Holmes at Reichenbach Falls, and Ian Fleming trying to find a way to kill off James Bond, George Lucas had tired of the Star Wars universe. He came to resent all the fanboys who lauded his life’s work and viewed Lucas as a geek god. Continue reading

George Lucas Admits Jar Jar Binks Was His Favorite “Star Wars” Character; Doesn’t Really Get All The Love For Boba Fett

Red Tails

The scene at a Red Tails press conference turned Lucas-Con moments after Lucas stormed off.

New York—Despite being in town for a press junket to promote his upcoming Tuskegee Airmen film, “Red Tails” starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., filmmaking icon George Lucas was asked endlessly about his other films, particularly the six “Star Wars” movies. So after the seventh or eighth question about Princess Leia talking about memories of her mother in “Return of the Jedi” despite her mother dying during childbirth at the end of “Revenge of the Sith,” Lucas apparently had finally had enough of trying to talk about his future World War II film and let loose. Continue reading