Highlights from this week’s live show of the The Voice!

The Voice 2013 Live Shows Begin

The Voice 2013 Live Shows have started but the contestants are only part of the story.

There was a great deal of excitement on NBC as The Voice’s live shows got underway this week. Here are a few of the highlights.

Team Usher showed off their new kicks in their group number, performing “Black and Gold” in hot red high tops donated by McDonald’s. While Usher claims they are a part of a charity event to support the Ronald McDonald House, our inside sources say that he is also taking the opportunity to build a fashion empire based on McDonald’s iconic look, with his “House of McUsher” shoe and accessory line.

Carson Daly’s hair had a great week, as its new heights earned it its own Hollywood zip code, but it still wasn’t enough to please its hair mentor. Ryan Seacrest’s locks sent a note of condolence, as it still doesn’t quite measure up. Maybe next week, Carson.

Blake Shelton repeatedly thanked Starbucks for his “very special latte,” which was later found to have a secret recipe that was, well, not really a secret.

Usher also took this week’s live show as an opportunity to introduce the world to a previously unknown artist, as his final team member covered “Take a Look at Me Now” by the singer-songwriter Phil Collins.
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“I Don’t Give A Crap What You Had For Lunch:” A TDQ Q&A With Actor Andre Gower, Part 2

Monster Basket Ball Squad

Teen Wolf producers proposed a sequel to Monster Squad that would, once again, team the supernatural with basketball. Unfortunately Monster Basket Ball Squad was never completed.

TDQ: You played college basketball for four years at UNC-Asheville. Anyone else who worked on “Monster Squad” any good at ball?

Gower: I actually played at Louisburg College my first two years for a well-known coach named J. Enid Drake. It was from there that the UNC-A coach asked me to come play for him.

As far as I know, I’m the only hoopster on the Squad, but we all have our extra-curricular talents. Ryan is a rock star and Ashley is a talented actor and has produced some projects. Fred Dekker has done some very cool stuff and is still, in my mind, more creative and knowledgeable than 99% of people working today. And, of course, Shane Black is cranking out great stuff as well.

TDQ: You now work as an acting and media coach. What is the most important thing you try and impart on children who want to break into show business?

Gower: Balance. First and foremost is the need to have as balanced a life as possible. Looking back, it’s the main thing that enabled me to not only work in the industry as much as I did, but enable me to be capable of existing outside of it as well. I went to regular school as much as possible when not on set and played organized sports and had many friends that weren’t associated with the business at all.
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Memo to Ke$ha: 4 out of 5 Dentists Recommend Against Brushing Your Teeth With Jack Daniels

Ke$ha Edition Listerine

What would it have taken to put this Ke$ha/Listerine/Jack Daniels mash up on store shelves? Approval from 2 out of 5 dentists? 3 out of 5?

Chicago—A new study has been released by the American Dental Association, and it looks like Ke$ha needs to re-evaluate her oral hygiene habits. Four out of five dentists asked don’t recommend brushing your teeth with Jack Daniels.

“Really, probably any liquor would not be good,” said Dr. Harvey Josephs, a dentist from St. Louis who didn’t participate in the study. “I have heard that vodka is sometimes used to brush your teeth. And I think that program ‘Mythbusters’ did a thing about that. But I don’t watch that show. But I would certainly recommend any of a number of toothpastes over liquor.”

What about if after you leave for the night you ain’t comin’ back?

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