The Daily Quarterly: Bringing The Heat

Ahh, summer. The time of year when hurricanes may or may not start to form, when The Greatest Basketball Player(s) of All Time win or lose trophies, and when Congressmen get caught Tweeting inappropriate photos to women of all ages they’ve never met.

We didn’t know Christmas came this time of year, but every news agency in the country, and perhaps the world owes New York Democratic Congressman Anthony (and his?) Weiner a debt of gratitude.
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TDQ Investigates: Dr. William Gray And The “Science” Of Predicting Hurricanes

Hurricane Prediction Tools?

Whistle blower rolls for initiative and does 20 hit points of damage toward hurricane predictor Dr. Gray's credibility; Says, "That's life."

Fort Collins, CO—Well, we think we made our point with the National Football League. They will be in court or mediations for the next six months at least, and all because they couldn’t keep their nose clean and their tankers off the reef (maybe). And now that the whole world knows that they don’t only produce NFL Films, but also films by the NFL, they might think first before unleashing another “Robot Jocks” on the world. As we said on our very first post on this site, You’re Welcome!

So now we turn our attention to hurricane forecasting and the “science” behind that and the outrageous inconsistencies that arise when forecasters try and predict horrible storms months in advance. Continue reading